Dragons on the telly

As part of our continued media offensive, we were just shown by ITV Wales today – 6th March at 6pm. There was also a snippet shown at lunch time which you can watch at http://www.itvlocal.com/wales/

They came to film us training and then the match between Fireclaw and Cardiff University. Sian Hunt and Chris Dickson were both shown being interviewed, being very articulate, while I just looked a fool.

Hopefully a few people might see it and and decide to come along to training.

A very busy week for the club as we found a new and (hopefully) permanent home at Western Leisure Centre on Thursday, had a very drunken and very enjoyable Xmas social on Friday and then dragged ourselves to Talybont on Saturday for a couple of league matches. Icetalon got off the mark, with an impressive draw against league-leaders Fury, though will be kicking themselves after leading 14-10 not to have won the game. Fireclaw made a good comeback to 9-9 against Barbarians, only to lose to a late long shot. We’ll be lobbying the Australian government to get a visa for Lee in the near future!

We had our start of season meal at the Bay of Bengal on Friday, and a good time was had by all. We had planned to choose the names for the Dragons teams entering the Welsh League democratically at the meal, but Sian had to step in to prevent both teams being named after cheap jibes at Joey’s sexuality. We did get a shortlist together though, which the committee will impose dictatorially on everyone else. Democracy just doesn’t work, people.

We also now have some matches coming up, so people should start making space in their diaries.

First on the 18th October is the Cardiff University Freshers Tournament. We’re entering a team in this all day tournament, and we’ll be looking for as many beginners to play as possible. Second teamers are next in priority, but if a few first teamers want to come along and help out that’d be great too. There’s a social afterwards for anyone who wants to get drunk with lots of 18 year olds in fancy dress (theme: the letter K).

The Welsh league starts on the 25th October and both the as yet unnamed Dragons teams will be in action away at Cardiff City teams. The exact times are yet to be determined, but the preliminary hall booking at Howells School is between 10 and 1.45. All members of the club who want to play will get at least some game time, so please make sure you’re free.

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Finally, the first team have been drawn away at North Downs in the first round of the EKA Cup on Sunday the 2nd November, with Bec 3 as the other opposition. The Cup is always tough, but that draw gives us 2 competitive games, assuming we can get something close to our best team out.

Getting ready for the new season properly with our first social of the year, we’re going for a curry after training on Friday.

As well as general fun and revelry, we’ll also be deciding on the names for the teams we’re entering into the WKL this season. So if you want to make sure we have as cool a name as the Grass Snakes, make sure you’re there!

There’s still some discussion over the best restaurant, give Sian a shout if you’ve any suggestions

Unfortunately when we actually arrived at Bishop of Llandaff school to train there, although it looked fine we discovered that the hall was too slippy to play safely on. So we’re changing venues and training nights, and from Friday 26 September we’ll be training at Talybont Sports Hall, part of Cardiff University’s sports facilities.

As most of you will know, Talybont is an excellent venue and will mean we won’t have to deal with the hassle of dragging posts around either! And training on a Friday will allow us all to socialise properly afterwards. Training will be from 6.30-8.30, so it won’t get in the way of a night out in town either

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